Saving Anuttara, my birthday wish

/ October 5, 2022/ Holistic Nutrition, Yoga

From 6 to 60, it went fast and it has been a roller coaster! The blessings and dreams remain foremost in my mind. Feeling fortunate compels me more than ever to use the additional power and blessings that we are granted in our birthday to help others. As has become a tradition for me, this year I want to focus in a special place called Anuttara.

I spent a month in the Anuttara Ashram 6 years ago as a volunteer.  It was a transformative experience and what I remembered the most was how much unconditional love surrounded me. If you want to know more about my experience, follow the link.

At that time, the Hall was being built and it was hard work.  I worked mostly in the kitchen and the garden because I couldn’t lift the heavy loads in the construction site. I particularly remembered a cold rainy day, they all came back shivering and covered in mud for lunch. Zero words of complaints. I was so impressed by their commitment to work in such conditions.

I felt in love with breathtaking beauty of this untouched land. I spent most of my breaks hiking the trails towards the glacier river. Mesmerized by its unusual color. Seating watching the river flow and just breathing felt like pure bliss.

So many have found a refuge in this place, it will be excruciatingly sad to loose it.  This a cause near to us in our country.  Let’s help save Anuttara!

  • view of the mountains Nass Valley
  • Meditation hall at Anuttara
  • black bear roaming for berries
  • sunrise view from the dorm
  • Sita
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