Chair yoga video

This video shows a series of poses that you can practice seated on a chair. The sequence works in stretching the neck, arms, and spine, as well as opening the hips. The goal is releasing stress and feeling invigorated. It seeks to stimulate and energize without irritating or making you tired.

A chair is the only prop that you need! Before you start, watch the video once and adjust your chair so that your legs are in 90 degree angle resting comfortably on the floor. If you cannot adjust your chair, use a phone book or similar object to raise your feet from the floor.

By practicing yoga, we allow the blood to nourish the extremity and depths of our bodies that our cells remain healthy. Nourishing unhealthy areas and eliminating toxins, we help to alleviate ailments and end disease over a period of time. This is why is so important to remain constant in our practice. Hope this video helps you in that regard. Please do let me know if you use it.

Practice this sequence at work or at home at any time! It should specially help at the end of the day.


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