Yoga classes for real people

Yoga classes for real people

Yoga classes to help you use your breath to integrate your body, mind, and spirit and realize the true meaning of yoga. Also, to provide a safe environment that promotes relaxation, healing, and introspection. While you rest in a restorative pose, I channel Reiki.

Eliminating separation helps you get rid of stress by calming the mind and releasing tension in the places where it accumulates the most such as the neck, shoulders, back and hips.

Using props and a gentle approach to create space and to increase flexibility so that you can enjoy all the benefits of yoga without further stressing your adrenals.

Most people that come to class found this approach beneficial but don’t take my word for it. Try and find out for yourself! Caution, addiction might develop…

For information about retreats, workshops and Food tastings, see Events.

Upcoming public classes and workshops

Restorative yoga with Reiki in my yoga room Tuesdays at 7:30pm. 80 min to deeply relax and allow your body to heal. Learning to turn inward as in meditation to regain balance and inner peace. While you rest in a restorative pose to open up, I channel Reiki. Limited to 3 people. Reservation is required.


Teaming up with Leslie once a month for her Restorative yoga with Thai massage and Reiki at cozy Yoga Grove studio. She works on restorative poses with you while I practice Thai massage, aromatherapy, and Reiki on you resting on your restorative pose. Leave relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated. Pre-registration is required. Maximum 6 people. Book now to save your spot! It fills fast…

Ecstatic to be part of the Therapeutic yoga team of practitioners>. Weekly workshops, Thursdays 7:00 pm at Yogaspace studio. Every participant gets one practitioner per session. Maximum 2 people per practitioner. Restorative, hands-on adjustments, Thai massage, Reiki, aromatherapy … do I need to say more?. Bliss awaits for you… Pre-registration is required.. To book now, Call the frontdesk. Therapeutic yoga-yogaspace-2


Semiprivate yoga classes

Want to practice in the trusting company of friends, neighbors, or co-workers? you can! Organize a group and decide what, when and where you want to practice. The classes that are tailored to meet the group’s personal needs and goals and held at a private location. Maximum 10 people.

Currently teaching semi-privates at the following condos, residents welcome to join us:

  • Ormskirk Av (Hatha/Restorative)
  • Ripley Av (Hatha)

This class is ideal for condos or companies that want classes at their location. Want a class in your building or office? contact me for availability and setup.


Office yoga classes

These are semiprivate classes designed for calming the mind, toning and strengthening the body, and relieve stress. They can be tailored to meet the group needs and goals. The location is your office. Maximum 10 people. For more information, see Office yoga or contact Amyris. Corporate yoga collage

Private yoga classes

Private classes are tailored to meet your personal needs and goals and held at a location of your choice. You can share your private class with one more person. Maximum 2 people. Private restorative or therapeutic includes all the props, music, and essential oils. For more information or to get a Private yoga e-Gift Certificate, see Private yoga. Check availability or Book private yoga classes with Amyris using SetMore


Class schedule

Check the following calendar for upcoming classes. Click here to add this calendar to your google calendar. Click in each class to see the details and the location including a link to a map.


Class description

Hatha / Restorative yoga

This class is perfect to help you relieve stress and fatigue. It starts with some gentle Hatha poses to balance your energy followed by restorative poses to help you relieve stress and achieve deep relaxation. Poses are supported with props and held for a long time, you feel a deeper release and have time to turn inward. Soothing music is played to promote healing and relaxation. This class is great for beginner and intermediate yogis alike! Hatha-Restorative

Gentle Hatha yoga

This class is great for beginner and intermediate yogis. Practicing modified hatha poses and restorative poses with a gentle approach so you can held hold them longer to release stress and get a deeper release. Connecting to your inner self using your breath to integrate body, mind, and spirit. gentle hatha

Gentle Hatha yoga at the park

This class is held in High Park. The poses are modified to use the support of your own body so that you stay in them longer for a deeper release. The class aims to release stress and gain vitality. The duration is 90 min. Yoga in HP

Restorative yoga

This class is ideal for anyone that wants to heal and let go of mental and physical stress. Restorative poses are supported with props and held for a long time to help you relieve stress, achieve deep relaxation, and balance your energy.

Soothing music is played to induce deep relaxation and promote deep healing. After the class, you will feel relax, restored, and rejuvenated.

RYTT day3

Kids yoga

This class introduces kids (8+ years old) to hatha yoga with a fun approach that allows them to experience all the benefits. Amyris guides their attention to breath while practicing poses that helps them integrate of body and mind. She also provides a safe and noncompetitive environment that promotes awareness, concentration, and self-confidence. 1-IMG_9637

Chair yoga

This class focuses on poses using a chair as a prop. It helps to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders while allowing you to relax. It helps you stretch upper and lower body. It includes breathing exercises to help you meditate and feel energized when the class finishes.

Subscribe to get a complimentary chair yoga class video that you can practice at home, at the office, or anywhere where there is a chair! You can start enjoying all the benefits this class provides today.




2 thoughts on “Yoga classes for real people”

  • I love your classes Amyris! One of my favourite memories from our time in Mexico was our one-on-one restorative class. From your gentle voice and guiding instruction, to your knowledge of the body, mind, spirit connection, I left the class floating on air yet centered in my physical self. I can’t wait to practice with you again!

  • Amyris’ classes are welcoming, accepting and accessible to all. In addition to physical release she provides spiritual thoughts and readings that give a deep spiritual connection. I leave her classes feeling a sense of oneness, wholeness, peace, serenity, joy and happiness.

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