Yoga classes for real people

After many years of practice, Amyris started to lead yoga classes as a way to share what she learned in her healing journey from chronic pain.

Amyris teaches classes to help you use your breath to integrate body, mind, and spirit and realize the true meaning of yoga. Eliminating separation helps you get rid of stress by calming the mind and releasing tension in the places where it accumulates the most such as the neck, shoulders, back and hips.

Her classes focus in making yoga accessible to everyone regardless of experience. Her gentle approach and use of props allows you to create space and to increase flexibility, you can enjoy all the benefits of yoga without further stressing your adrenals.

She provides a safe environment that promotes deep relaxation and deep healing.

While you rest in a restorative pose, Amyris channels Reiki as a way to promote healing.

Most clients found this approach beneficial but don’t take my word for it. Try and find out for yourself! Caution, addiction might develop…




  1. I love your classes Amyris! One of my favourite memories from our time in Mexico was our one-on-one restorative class. From your gentle voice and guiding instruction, to your knowledge of the body, mind, spirit connection, I left the class floating on air yet centered in my physical self. I can’t wait to practice with you again!

  2. Amyris’ classes are welcoming, accepting and accessible to all. In addition to physical release she provides spiritual thoughts and readings that give a deep spiritual connection. I leave her classes feeling a sense of oneness, wholeness, peace, serenity, joy and happiness.

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