Unconditional love

/ February 14, 2014/ Holistic Nutrition, Yoga/ 1 comments

In this day there is much talk about love…
and much of it refers to conditional love!
Do we put great expectations on us and people around us?
should love be more about accepting one and another for who they are or choose to be? I think so, starting for loving ourselves!!!

We spent lots of time in showing love to others, but what about you? So in this day, I encourage you to spend some time in showing some love for yourself. Meditate 5 min if that is all you can do, sing a mantra, or take a bath with Epson salts to relax and get your magnesium intake … whatever you choose to do, think only and exclusive of yourself without guilt and without judgement!!!

My gift to you today is some words of wisdom from the Upanishads:

May the Lord of Love protect us.
May the Lord of Love nourish us.
May the Lord of Love strengthen us.
May we realize the Lord of Love.
May we live with love for all;
May we live in peace with all

Om shanti shanti shanti


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  1. Very true Amyris. I need reminders like this every once in a while. I will definitely take some time out for me today. Thanks!

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