The sun shines for all of us

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The Upanishads are one of the oldest Indian scriptures. They contain messages that tell us there is more to life than what we experience through our senses! This precious legacy is universal and apply to us all. I like to share with you some verses from the Prashna Upanishad:

6-7 The sun gives light and life to all who live,
East and west, north and south, above, below;
It is the prana (energy) of the universe.
8 The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun,
Rising in all its golden radiance
To give its warm and light and life to all.

This is a very powerful message. We all deserve love and we are all surrounded by love. This love is unconditional, the sun shines for all of us. Even in this overcasted day, we know the sun is shining above and we will see him once the clouds dissipate!

Louise Hay says in her book  “Heal your body” that to permanently eliminate a condition, we must resolve the mental cause. She proposes to replace old negative patterns of thought that cause disease with healing affirmations. This goes along the same lines of believing positive thinking helps and knowing that placebos work. Most of the healing affirmations in this book refer to guess what… Love! Loving and accepting yourself and feeling loved can cure many ailments that afflict us.

How powerful and healing is to think the sun loves us all unconditionally regardless of who we are? You can use this thought to replace negative patterns of guilt and blame. Accept yourself as you are and feel that you are loved always.

I like to leave you with this mantra that gravitates around this message:

May we hear only what is good for all.
May we see only what is good for all.
May we server you, Lord of Love, all our life.
May we be used to spread your peace on earth.

OM shanti shanti shanti


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