Staying awake

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I went to a class class last week where the teacher ask us to try this concept of being awake while practicing difficult asanas (poses). He wanted us to experiment with our limits but didn’t want to sound like a bully or motivational speaker, he kept saying…

I took it as staying more present while in the asana. Focusing in my breath rather than how difficult the asana was… believe me I felt rather awake!

Great for yoga practice but what about life?

Staying awake can make you more present… being more present raises your awareness… being more aware makes you notice things that you might have missed before… you might feel gratitude… you might feel elated but above all.. you might feel bliss!

Stay awake while you cook. You might find a new way to cook an old dish or be creative and try a completely new dish. Notice how everyone receives the food that you lovingly prepare. Feel the bliss in providing good nourishment and satisfaction to your love ones.

Stay awake while you eat. Chew carefully and savor each morsel. Not only you will enjoy more the food but you will digest easier. We have enzymes in our mouth that start to digest carbs. Also, the more broken down your food is, the easier it is to digest!

Stay awake while you work. You might find a more effective way to do something… a way to enjoy or deal with something that you do not like , or just new way of doing your work that makes exiting all over again. Grateful of what this work provides and enables you to do. Even more grateful that your work benefits some how and some where other people that you don’t know.

Stay awake while you talk to some one. You might listen more, understand more, enjoy more the company of this person that is sharing their time with you.

Stay awake while you walk.  Be aware, nature is every where. Connect with it and enjoy sharing the same energy. Grateful that every step making you closer to your destination!

Stay awake while you practice yoga. Focus on your breath and let go. You might find that your limits are not what you though… You might find a deeper connection with your inner divine.

Stay awake while you read this post! hope that you find something useful to take with you… please let me know if you do.


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