Snow falling

/ February 22, 2015/ Yoga/ 2 comments

This arctic weather has kept me inside more than usual. As I watched the snow gently falling through my window, I decided to put off my plans for the day and I went to High Park to snowshoe. I couldn’t wait to get outside!

The park was beautifully covered with snow and I felt exited to dive into the trails and see what awaited for me. I started taking pictures when all of the sudden I looked up and felt the flakes falling on my face. I felt all the stresses of the week melt away …

The snow started to cover me as it has covered everything and made me feel connected with the flakes falling and all the snow around me. As I turn to breath, I started to become one with the snow on me and around me.

Something shifted in me, I started wonder of the path and making my way through the woods and ended up discovering places and things that I never seen… like abandoned shoes! maybe a guy quit his corporate gig? got tired of the shoes? make your own conclusion on this one!

What I love about snow shoes is that hey give me the freedom to go places in the snow that I couldn’t get to otherwise. It is a bit of hard work so it gets my heart going. So maybe is the adrenaline pump that gives me such a rush. But this time, I got different awareness about my breath. I didn’t feel tired and my one-hour walk turned into 3 hours!

I always carry a snack like my energy balls or an apple and a thermos with something warm to drink instead of water. Warm water hydrates faster. An apple digests quickly. Remember food is your fuel and can help you continue further. See the recipe for my energy balls at my Renewing prana post.

In the middle of the city on a snowy day, I found stillness. I found bliss. You can totally do it too! Just step off the beaten path of your routines and devote some energy to do something you love and something good for yourself … totally worth it.


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  1. Thanks Amyris, lovely post! Kelly and I are thinking of going snowshoeing tomorrow afternoon and you gave me a great idea to try High Park.

    1. Awesome! I normally walk through the nature trails. They are shown in orange in the park map. You can download it from here:

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