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The practice of Reiki has led me through a wonderful path where I feel loved more than ever! So I thought I share with you some of my experiences.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese term that that means sacred energy that sustains life. Rei mean sacred, miraculous and ki refers to the universal energy.

How did it all started?

I found the concepts of energy medicine life altering. With the practice of Qi gong, these concepts made total sense and help me develop an awareness of energy that permeated to my yoga and medication practice.

Fortunately for me, shortly after I met Paul Lara and starting my training on Reiki. The streetcar became my favorite place to practice! Yes, there is so much energy from  the crowd that I found it easier to ground myself.

It has taken me a long time to grasp the essence and accessing higher forms of energy. I am grateful to Paul that has been patience and open with his teachings allowing me to do it at my own pace.

Reiki and yoga

Doing shares with friends at home and the Prana room helped me to gain confidence and come to understand how Reiki and love are so connected. During the shares I feel surrounded by love and that feeling stays with me.

I realized the more love I give the stronger the Reiki feels. So it felt natural to practice Reiki in my restorative and therapeutic yoga classes. When people are relaxed, they open their hearts. Perfect time to receive Reiki.

The incredible thing is that the experiences people shared after the class showed me how amazingly aware they are becoming! So fortunate to witness our growing awareness.

What you can do

What I like the most about Reiki is that is a combined effort, it requires two to tango. The participant receiving Reiki remains active and has to use the Reiki. One example I like to use to explain is watering the plans. I’m in charge of doing the watering but it is up to the plant to drink the water and grow.

Next time you ride the subway or streetcar, open your heart! You never know who is doing Reiki…

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