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I heard several actors at TIFF films talk about having an integrated life… I couldn’t help thinking of the parallel with yoga right away.

In yoga, when we connect with our inner divine, we become one and experience true bliss. The separateness of our body, mind, and soul causes a lot of pain. It is extremely difficult to experience bliss when all you feel is pain.

From the Mavericks conversation with Juliette Binoche, I got that she is one person that uses different arts of expression like film or painting. She had to believe on her self doubtlessly and make her own path fearlessly.

We tend to divide our life because of the things we do. We are engineers, writers, daughters, sons, parents, … but in reality we are not what we do, we are one and we have this life, ours!

Are we attached to our old patterns that we know so well? Afraid of the unknown? Afraid of loosing what we have? Afraid of not being liked?

Letting go of old patterns is hard! Let alone getting over fears… This s when yoga comes very handy. For thousands of years, yogis have achieved oneness and bliss! So they offer us a legacy that makes our path so much easier.

Let’s start practicing yoga to become one! To live life instead of life living through us.
Find that your united self believes in who you are without fear, without judgment, with gratitude, and with infinite amount of unconditional self-love!

This is why I love attending TIFF! more than 300 films, more than 300 stories to get inspiration from, to discover new ideas and concepts, and to transform our lives! If you live in Toronto, don’t miss it…

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  1. Beautiful. And true. Knowing who we are (One) is the only way to true fulfillment and Peace. Becoming aware of our ego so we realise we are not our thoughts, but the pure awareness within. I would love to go to TIFF with you some day! 🙂

    1. We will! the universe will provide the opportunity.

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