Oneness with nature

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I visited a friend in the Loon bay near Parry Sound. It was my first time in this area and boy was I in for a treat!

I arrived to this wondrous place a Sunday afternoon and after a brief tour I quickly got into my bathing suit and went to big stones on the shore. Minutes passed and I gently began to feel the warmth from the stones in my back like a hot stone massage! When I got really hot I jumped into the cold water surprised surprised… not as cold as I thought. In fact, quite pleasant.


My friend went for a ride on her paddle board and when she came back asked me to try it out. It was windy and it was hard to paddle against it. Lost the direction and rushed into the shore. It was not pretty but it was fun.

We watched the sun setting for a while over the horizon. The water tainted with gorgeous colors like a mirror reflecting images around it. Felt very grateful to be where I was and who I was with.

Sunset at Loon bay

We put together a beautiful dinner with black bean burgers, baked sweet potato with onions, and greens salad my friend had collected … deliciously fresh. I admire her generosity sharing her treasure of fresh food.

As a thank you, I treated my friend to a therapeutic yoga treatment. Throughout the treatment, the gentle water sounds around the boathouse and the energy they brought set an even deeper tone of relaxation. As usual when I practice reiki, I receive it too and a deep sense of peace settled in.

I woke up rested and full of energy. Ready for another magical day in the Canadian outdoors. I meditated and practiced Hatha yoga in the boathouse facing the water. Watching how the day got warmer and brighter.

yoga at the boathouse

A large area in the island in front of us is a public undeveloped land and just a few minutes by boat is the Killbear park. We spent some time in one of its beaches and enjoyed lunch under the shade of the tree overlooking the beach.

Beach at Killbear

In the evening, after another delicious dinner with yummy red lentil soup and quinoa salad we practiced together restorative at the boathouse. Our energies combined with the water made the practice a special experience. I felt very grateful to practice here.

The next day after morning practice, my friend made pancakes… with fresh berries! I swam in the lake and circle the small bay in the paddle board. Later, we crossed to the island in the canoe and hike all the way to end. The view was spectacular for lack of a better word. Despite the maddening bugs, it was pretty fun. Made me realized, we are so fortunate to have so much wilderness in Canada. This is public land, it belongs to all of us!

top of the hike

Shortly after dinner, we practiced again restorative yoga before going to bed. The perfect closing to a perfect day.

I felt like I was on my own private retreat. The regular practice, the fresh meals lovingly prepared, the walk in woods, the cold clean lake water, and the conscious conversations we had about what really matters to us. Best of all, I found inspiration and time to write, including this post. I felt blessed for all her kindness.


Every morning felt such a privilege to be able to enjoy nature and becoming one with it. If you are fortunate to enjoy a few days up north, take advantage to become one with nature and let go of separation.

I vow to visit more of this beautiful country that provided me so generously with a home.

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