Chilling beauty

Chilling beauty

Chilling beauty is an herbal potion that combines herbs with alterative, carminative, diaphoretic, nutritive and nervine tonic to help you cool your body when is hot.

It strenghtens and supports the system in the body. It cleanses and purifies the blood. It is soothing to the liver function. It also helps to reduce high Pitta and to calm emotions associated with Pitta imbalance like anger and irritability.

Nettle is a source of chlorophyll and vitamin C. Peppermint is a good source of manganese, copper, and vitamin C.

The energy of this herbal potion blend is cooling. It decreases Pitta and Kapha. In excess, it increases Vata. Take ocassionally if you are Vata or have high Vata.

For therapeutic purposes, drink one cup three times a day away from meals. Results vary depending on the doese and how long have you experience the imbalance. See How do I prepare herbal potions?

This combination works synergistically to restore balance in your body. When you drink herbal potions, you practice yoga of herbs!

You can get herbal potions directly from me or at a couple of locations in Toronto.


Yoga of herbs

yoga of herbs

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