Healing power of water

Healing power of water

Time and time again, I rush to a place by the sea when I am feeling run down. Simply resting, sunbathing, and swimming in it makes me feel better. Have you experience the same?

Do you know that you can survive without food for 3 weeks but only 3 days or even a few hours without water depending on the conditions? of course these are rough guidelines as it depends on the external conditions. In sweltering heat, it will be a lot less.

Will you be surprised if I tell you that we are 70% water and that 70% of the earth surface is water? coincidence… I think not.

You get it, right? water is food and is essential to our survival. Will you be surprise if I tell you that water also has energy and healing powers?

Many healing centers are located near by hot springs or the sea. The minerals alone in the water contribute greatly to healing.

I recently stumble on a video that added another layer to the healing power of water. Have you heard of water crystals and the message from water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted extensive research observing crystals formed in frozen water. He took photographs of these crystals from waters of different sources. Then experimented with showing letters, showing pictures, and playing music to water!

Watch his video and see for yourself how words have an effect on water!

I instantly thought, if you we are mainly water, how do sounds and words affect us? I certainly made a connection to power of the sounds from my Tibetan bowl and mantras! Imagine using these vibrations to send messages to my cells…

Next time you are going to drink a glass of water, think of the power you can add to it by just whispering the right words. Next time, you are going to speak to someone, think the healing power your words could have!

I particularly love the idea of writing the word to the bottle of water. What will you write in yours?

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