Gratefulness, my birthday wish

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Practicing gratefulness helped me a lot during my healing journey from chronic pain. Now more than ever, gratefulness brings a lot of joy into my life and helps me deal with the difficulties and suffering that comes my way.

Today when I receive many blessings and special gifts, I want to take some time to thank my family, my friends, my teachers, my students, and all the relationships in my life. I thank my home and my car. I thank my yoga classes. I thank my body, my health and my gifts. The power that fulfill and my needs. I say thank you to all and bless them with love!

My birthday wish is to invite you to take some time to say thanks for what you have. Find some quiet time and space and read these words from Louise Hay Morning Meditation:

There are so many things in our lives that we take for granted.
We so seldom take take time out to be thankful and grateful for the many miracles we have in our everyday lives, and for the miracles that we call our bodies.
Too often, we only concentrate in what we do not have.
It blesses our future to be thankful for what we do have now. It opens the way for the good to flow in, in ever increasing abundance.
Let us be thankful for the air that we breath. Which is so precious to us and we take so for granted. When we exhale, we don’t even think about where our next breath is coming from. Yet this incredible power that has created us has given us enough breath to last for as long we shall live.
As long as we shall live, let us be thankful for the sunshine and the rain. Without the rain the vegetation will die and we would have a barren planet without beauty or food.Let us be thankful for the wind that clears the sky and the beauty of the moonlight.
Bless the vegetation that feeds and nourishes you.
Bless the food with love and I thank it for giving its live to nourish me.
Let your mind go over all the relationships in your life. Bless them all with love and be thankful for them. They are all your teachers.
I know you have special things in your life that are you thankful for So take a moment to let your mind gently move over your life past or present.
Giving thanks for places, people, or experience that either have been or are now in your live.
It is such a wonderful feeling to be thankful. It prepares and opens for more good to come into our lives.

I feel so grateful and fortunate for all the things I’ve been given and all the Love that surrounds my life. I wish the same for all beings.

If you feel feel compelled to share what you have, donate to one of your favorite causes or one of mine…

  • Venezolanos por la vida is a courageous group of people making a difference and bringing medical supplies to my country fellows in Venezuela. They are close to reach their gofundme goal.
  • Sadly, there are people in our beloved city that faces food insecurity. Feed it forward is a great project that helps to feed families. We can help make a difference to the lives of fellow Canadians who are in need of assistance.
  • The Revue Cinema supports many local causes. Working these last couple of months in their new website, I come to see the wonderful labor they do. Most people don’t realize they are a non-profit organization and need our support.
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