Counting blessings

/ December 24, 2015/ Holistic Nutrition/ 1 comments

Years ago, I made a slide show to highlight important times during the year. It has become a tradition for me to do at it Christmas time.

While compiling pictures, I realized how fortunate I am and how many blessings I received so it turned out into a sort of gratitude practice. I started to call this practice counting your blessings,

Gratitude is amazing. It turns little things or even big things into immense sources of joy and bliss. It helps you focus on what serves you well and avoid taking people and blessings for granted. It helps you truly appreciate what you already have and perhaps recognize that you don’t need what you do not have. It helps you become aware of insights when things don’t go our way…

Blessings are not just granted to us. Sometimes they come with a disguise and it is up to us to recognize it, to be aware of the lesson to learn.

I am sharing some of my blessings with you in hope to inspire you into counting your blessings. You don’t have to go far and make a video of slide show. Even a simple list written down in paper can work as well.

This holiday, let’s count our blessings. Let gratitude fill our hearts and realize how fortunate we are for all that we have received this year. Including the painful experiences that brought insights and lessons. May we regain our sense of wholeness and completeness and to return to our true state of JOY!



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  1. Wonderful! Yes, we need to take time to reflect on what we have and be grateful, especially of the little things as well as the big things. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your wonderful photos.

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