Counting 2020 blessings

/ January 1, 2021/ Holistic Nutrition, Yoga

Last year has presented challenges like no other before. Many blessings were in a big fat disguise! Counting blessings made me realize the good in my life. More than ever I am very grateful for all these blessings.

At the end of December I started to pose this question to myself “What I am grateful for?” and as I looked at videos and pictures I took in 2020, I realized that I have been very fortunate to have a home and all my needs covered while others struggle and despair. So counting my blessings inspired this video that I hope you enjoy.

It is easy to feel sorry for ourselves when the world as we know it cease to exist and we have to find new ways to do almost everything in our lives. So I admit, I did some times wallow in the loss of some of the things I used to enjoy. Fortunately, I was able to join the virtual reality by tapping into skills that I had developed through my years of working at home and cocooning in the winter. Thank you Winter.

Even though I have lots of time to devote to my personal practice and some projects. Guess what? I ended up reading a lot of book series and watching up a lot of TV series and some films. I tell myself it was part of my projects ;). I struggled with having a daily practice and walking. I can deny feeling guilty until I found the following text from Louise Hay. Inspired, I let go of the guilt and accepted where I was at. Willing to change when I am ready.

I flow with an attitude of serendipity through all kinds of experiences. There are endless ways of doing things. If we have done a great deal of work, we rejoice. If we have done very little work, we rejoice. If we have done nothing at all, we still rejoice. Whatever we do is perfect in the moment. There is really nothing that “we have to do.” There are things that might be best to do; however, we always have choice. Life is an adventure, and the Universe is always on our side!

Meditations to Heal your Life“. Louise Hay.

Thanks to technology, I could resume many of the activities I used to do. The shift to teaching online yoga classes was swift. Sharing with others the knowledge I have in this field help me feel useful and stay connected. I was still able do some of my volunteer work. I also realize that I did not need to do some of the activities I used to do and hanging to the frustration of not doing them was not helpful.

Having my family and love ones spread around the world for many years had already taught me ways to stay present in their lives and feel their presence in mine. This may be a big struggle for most of us, the loss of physical interaction. Perhaps is one of the most difficult challenges we will face in 2021 as we continue to live with COVID.

Learning to practice mindfulness in doing many of the new activities I found myself doing was key to let joy and love overcome fear and worry. With mindfulness breathing you can transform your feelings, calm them, reconcile with them and heal them. If you can breath, you can practice it. The rewards are immeasurable.

I invite you to practice counting blessings and gratefulness. Realize the good in your lives and acknowledge what you have instead of what you don’t have. Take time to mourn your losses without dwelling on them forever. Practicing gratefulness is essential to lasting happiness.

My wish for 2021 for you is that let curiosity and adventure lead the way. Finding new ways to do new things requires courage. Fortunately for us, it is something we all have within us. Tap into inner yourself and let your courage show! Let mindfulness help you find joy and love in doing things we should do, like wearing masks, to help and protect others. Dive within find your beautiful self and delight in your own company. Finally acceptance for what we cannot control and love lots of it!

Remember a year has 365 brand spanking new days! 365 new opportunities to live and love and be good to yourself.

HAPPY 2021!

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