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Dining well is a great way to celebrate well! So when I was trying to find a place to celebrate my graduation from IHN, it took me a while but I found a wonderful one.

The owners of The Beet cafe opened an new place called The passenger that sources seasonal local ingredients as much as possible. I love the Beet cafe and just knowing that the same people that puts careful thought on the ingredients and making good food was an instant hit with me. Even the quote on their website stroke a cord:

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf,

Most of the times when I eat out, it involves a fair bit of compromising. Especially when going to chain restaurants, which I try to avoid… Ignorance can indeed be a blessing but is it really?

We have this bizarre idea that overindulging when celebrating makes for a happier occasion. May be there is some truth in that but I found that if I feed my body with some beautiful, healthy, and tasty food, it is actually a happier celebration for me as my mind and body feel great! But finding such food is not feat easy to accomplish when dining out.

I have figure out a few guidelines that help to make healthy choices but still feel like I am out celebrating and having a treat.

  • Drink water. Staying hydrated, especially when drinking alcohol is key.
  • Eat enough vegetables. What ever allowances I make, I try to keep vegetable intake up by ordering a nice salad or a side of vegetables. It makes feel better and it helps to eliminate sugar cravings.
  • Try to stay away from bad fats especially fried stuf…I know it can be hard… french fries are so good, right? If I get fries… then I forget about dessert.
  • If you find hard to order, talk to your waiter. You will be amazed how accommodating some places can be. Just be respectful and kindly ask whether is possible to make changes to a dish, and show gratitude $$$ for the allowances they make.
  • Share dessert! I am happy with a few bites. I no longer need to eat the whole thing and usually the servings are big.
  • Drink fennel, peppermint, or any other herbal tea at the end of the meal that helps with digestion instead of coffee.

Next day… yes, after the debacle… it is important to come back and stay on track! here are some ideas that work for me:

  • Pay more attention to water and fiber intake.
  • Keep a regular meal schedule.
  • Make sure that every meal including snacks are balanced to avoid cravings.

As a good measure I try not to indulge several days in a row for fear of sliding into a slippery slope back into my old sugar addiction.

In the end, the celebration at The passenger turned out to be the perfect reward after the long ceremony… I have a very large debt of gratitude to my friends and family that shared this moment with me and stayed to the very end!

So what works for you? any interesting tips that you want to share?

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