Anuttara, my birthday wish

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Since my visit to the Himalayan Institute and discovering the breakthrough that we are granted additional power and blessings in our birth day, it is now a custom of mine to take advantage of it. This year, my birthday wish it to support Anuttara and the work they do.

In a recent visit to this ashram, I saw that it provides a home for many young people struggling with the hardships of life. It was a little sad to learn that so many young people are in trouble but it made me hopeful to know that young people are already in a healing path searching for the truth.

I was reminded how fortunate I was to grew up in a big household surrounded by a lot of love with what is called in Canada the extended family. Seven adults and two children… you do the math. It was awesome at times and not so much at others. But what I remember the most, even in the worst possible times, we were always together supporting each other! I grew up strong and confident and with the mindset that I can do anything I want. That is why supporting Anuttara is very important to me.

At Anuttara, everyone is received with acceptance and unconditional love. Help and teachings are given to guide them where they are at and where we would like them to be. No judgement. No pressure. In this environment, anyone can grow loving, healthy, strong and confident. Everyone has a chance to learn integrating a spiritual life into their everyday life.

My birthday wish is to see the new hall at Anuttara completed! It will have a kitchen, dining hall, change rooms, and lounge. It will allow more people to come and be more comfortable while they visit the ashram.

Prem Baba says:

“Money is not in any way anti-spiritual. What is anti-spiritual is attachment to money, and the misperception of money’s appropriate role as the ends rather than the means. As we mature spiritually, we discover that learning how to deal with money is a key teaching in this great school of life.”

Money is the means to sustain Anuttara and to complete the building of the new hall! So, I am kindly asking you to make a donation to the Anuttara Ashram as my birthday gift. No amount is too small. Let’s help Anuttara and especially the young people in search of love and light that visit the ashram every year!

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